Features of the Gate 5 System include:

HEALS THE ENVIRONMENT - Organic residuals, organic or synthetic compounds (e.g. pharmaceuticals, PFAS, or endocrine disrupting compounds) in Residuals are eliminated in the Gate 5 System
ENERGY FROM WASTE – Residuals are transformed into renewable energy in a thermal process without using fossil fuel or grid electricity
ENERGY POSITIVE - Gate 5 Systems processing more than one dry ton/day produce energy in excess of operating requirements. The surplus energy is available for use or sale
NO "BLACK BOXES" - Gate 5 System is an innovative process that uses industry-proven components so there is no technology risk
WIDELY SCALABLE - Gate 5 System is adaptable to small villages/communities and urban centers
100% USABLE PRODUCTS – - Sewage sludge and other Residuals are transformed into energy, clean water, and an inert ash (usable in concrete and asphalt manufacturing in lieu of fly-ash)
NON - INCINERATION - Because the Gate 5 System produces energy by combusting waste materials, not fossil fuels, it is not considered by the U.S. EPA to be a sewage sludge incinerator