The company’s business plan is built upon deployment of G5Ss in three manners/scenarios:

BUILD OWN TRANSFER (BOT) - The company will develop, construct and sell G5Ss processing less than 60 WTPD of dewatered sewage sludge or communities who want to own their own system. BOT projects sold are expected to have an average profit margin markup of 25%

BUILD OWN AND OPERATE (BOO) - The company will seek to own and operate G5Ss processing more than 60 WTPD (communities of more than 120,000 people) through long term “take or pay” contracts. Larger, credit - worthy WWTPs will be offered terms requiring - upfront capital outlays

LICENSE - Gate 5 will license use of the Gate 5 System outside of the western United States and worldwide. The company will collect a royalty from each G5S-based design use In addition to equity investments, the company will also be able to offer investors opportunities to earn returns from: tax-advantaged investments directly into BOO projects, construction loans, and permanent financing for BOO projects.
In addition to the wastewater treatment market, the company sees industries managing food waste, animal waste (with <20% inert material) and their byproducts are candidates for the G5S. These market segments would be developed through BOT and BOO and License models.


Gate 5 offers a variety of ways for an investor to make money.

EQUITY - To date the company has raised around $4 million of equity and convertible notes from friends and family investors. The anticipated strength of the company’s present business model points to a finite need for an additional ~$10 million of equity. This will provide adequate capital for:

- - - Construction and operation of up to two initial Gate 5 Systems, which will be small-sized, fully-functioning, and transportable demonstration G5S

- - - Construction loan equity on early units

- - - Operating expenses

It is expected that after the third commercial scale G5S is in operation (presently estimated to be ~2025), the company will be financially self-sufficient and will be able to commence dividends to shareholders.

TAX CREDITS – Under current tax regulations, the company will have tax credits before it has tax obligations. These tax credits are expected to be marketable to Tax Partners (high net worth individuals, businesses, and institutions).

CONSTRUCTION LOANS - Institutions, strategic partners and high net worth individuals will be able to earn market rate returns for short term construction loans that are initially supported by equity and in the long term by cash flow from projects.

PERMANANT FINANCING – The BOO Gate 5 Systems that are discussed above and will be offered to credit worthy customers and will be solid opportunities for institutional level investors such as life insurance companies and REITS (real estate investment trusts).


THE CHALLENGE - It Can Be Hard To Find An Investment That Can Do Good As It Is Doing Well!

The Gate 5 System can be an exciting new “circular economy” solution and catalyst for positive environmental impact with elimination of waste streams and reduction of pollution, while providing positive society wide benefits as a renewable energy resource. GATE 5 ENERGY PARTNERS INC is an ideal Impact Investment. Making a profit while making a difference is a blend of traditional investment finance and social good.