In 2010, entrepreneurs Lisa Heinz, Richard Sherman and Clifford S. Heinz (deceased 2015) were approached by a New Zealand-based inventor-group and presented with the opportunity to acquire a new technology for improved management of sewage sludge. This patented technology, Sewage Energy Recuperator Transformer (“SERT”) was patterned after paper pulp and milk drying processes developed by the lead inventor (Patrick Potter – deceased 2016).
The SERT reduced volume of sewage sludge requiring disposal by drying sludge into a fuel that heats a custom-built sludge dryer. In 2011, Heinz, Sherman and Heinz approached Steve Delson, a businessman/engineer, and Lynn G. Holton, a businessman/contractor, to evaluate the technology and the potential for commercialization. The group formed the company and acquired the patent from the Inventors and set forth a strategy to improve the technology through innovation so that it could be commercialized. Expanding on the merits of the original SERT technology, the company, in conjunction with its technology partners, developed the G5S.
From its inception, Gate 5’s management and Directors have worked to validate the G5S with the highly-qualified technology experts for every element of the process. This approach aims to create an optimal and experienced team and allow Gate 5 to leverage resources. This strategy brings market visibility while at the same time ensuring that every step in the commercialization process is validated by third-party professionals.


Steve Delson – Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Delson serves as the chief executive officer of Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc. and is also a Co-Founder and member of the company’s Board of Directors who brings more than four decades of engineering, consulting, business and management experience to the company. Early in his career, he served as a project manager for a leading civil engineering firm, Jack G. Raub Company. In the late 1970’s, Steve led the design, entitlement and construction of a community-wide water reclamation system for the Santa Margarita Water District.

Jon Glazer – Chief Financial Officer
Jon brings over 25 years of experience providing financial modeling and analysis services to infrastructure companies, startups, and other businesses. Jon has helped a number of startup energy companies obtain billions of dollars of equity and project financing. Mr. Glazer is also President of his financial services consulting company, Financial Modeling Initiatives.


Heat Transfer Solutions, Inc.
Heat Transfer Solutions, Inc. (“HTS”) is an Orange California-based firm with extensive expertise in burner, boiler and heat exchange unit design, fabrication, operation and servicing. The firm is a Gate 5 shareholder and is designing and fabricating burners, heat exchangers and combustion chambers for the G5S. The firm’s extensive and ongoing work at water reclamations plants such as City of Los Angeles Hyperion plant provides important knowledge and insight for Gate 5. HTS’s experience with burner designs for the coal industry is directly translatable to the powdered biofuel produced in Gate 5’s process. HTS is led by Jeff Welton, who brings more than two decades of engineering, manufacturing, service, and management experience.

Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment Company
Since 1955, Fluid Energy Processing and Equipment Company has specialized in the design and manufacture of ultra-fine grinding, classifying and flash- drying systems, as well as toll processing / contract manufacturing operations (CMO) for fine powders and ultra-fine powders. Fluid Energy is a Gate 5 shareholder. Much more than just a jet milling operation, today’s Fluid Energy is recognized as a world leader in powder processing solutions. The company has a long history of working with biosolids, sludge, cosmetics, food grade, pigments, specialty chemicals and many other industries. Headquartered in Telford, Pennsylvania, and serving customers worldwide, Fluid Energy will provide the ThermaJet ™ dryer component of the G5S.

Advanced Power & Energy Program, University of California, Irvine
Ashok Rao, Ph.D. is Chief Scientist for Power Systems in the Advanced Power and Energy Program (“APEP”) and leads the research team identifying and evaluating providing turbine/generator configuration for the G5S, based on sizing, feedstock characteristics and technologies in the marketplace. Additionally, APEP is on the forefront of supporting the “sustainable communities’ movement” and sees much promise for Gate 5’s straightforward waste-to energy technology that creates sustainable renewable energy from biosolids.

Ramboll, Irvine, California
Formerly ENVIRON, Ramboll is one of the world’s leading environmental and health consultancies. Ramboll’s Irvine, California office is responsible for development of the G5S design that meets South Coast Air Quality Management District’s requirements for air quality compliance. Ramboll will handle & permitting as well as air toxics health risk assessment and ambient air emissions monitoring programs for Gate 5.


Michael D. Moore, Consultant and Industry Expert
Mr. Moore brings a nationally recognized expertise on biosolids to the Gate 5 as lead scientific advisor and a Gate 5 shareholder. Mike’s professional carrier in this industry started researching the effect of organic solids on the environment while working as a Marine Scientist for the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project in the mid-1970s. Mike continued the research to include the terrestrial environment through the 1980s and 1990s while working at the Orange County Sanitation District (“OCSD”) and became nationally recognized as a leader in "Sustainable Biosolids Management" while working at OCSD as the Manager of Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. Upon leaving OCSD in 2009, Mike became the National Biosolids Lead for HDR and served in that position until 2012.
Mike has also served on numerous state and federal task forces regarding all aspects of sustainable municipal and agricultural residuals management including energy production.

Scott Samuelsen, Ph.D., Professor at University of California, Irvine
Dr. Samuelsen is a UCI Medal holder and professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, where he serves as the Directors of both the National Fuel Cell Research Center and APEP. Scott’s research accomplishments include: anchor research on advanced coal and natural gas power plants for the co-production of electricity and transportation fuels for the U.S. Department of Energy; distributed generation and information technology research for the U.S. Department of Defense; hydrogen refueling research for the South Coast Air Quality Management District; advanced energy systems research for the California Energy Commission.
Scott’s energy expertise is based on 40 years of combustion research working with strategic alliances involving industry with applications to gas turbine propulsion, gas turbine electronic power generation, and combustion distributed generation resources.

Joseph W. Hower, PE, DEE Principal Ramboll
Joseph Hower has over 30 years of experience in air quality management, including greenhouse gas (GHG) management, regulatory compliance, permitting, litigation support, expert witness work, risk management and pollution control engineering. Joe also leads Ramboll's work in the area of emissions trading. His service on the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Advisory Council for nearly five years has provided him with an excellent understanding of regulatory processes.
Joe applies his expertise to help companies like Gate 5 negotiate complex technical agreements and permits with agencies, as well as assist facilities with compliance programs and provide technical expertise to litigation teams.