Process Validations

A number of well qualified and respected third-parties have performed validation of the Gate 5 System.

INITIAL PROOF CONCEPT • The Gate 5 System’s initial proof of concept was developed for a 72-wet ton per day (WTPD) system and is described in Sludge Energy Recuperator Transformer (SERT) Inventor’s 2011 paper and provisional patent no. 2010905078, which was filed in Australia on November 11, 2010, and acquired by Gate 5 on April 13, 2011. The initial provisional patent was upgraded to Australian National Patent 2012327194; a National Patent has also been issued in NZ and are in process in U.S and the E.U.
INDUSTRIAL DEMONSTRATION • Fuel drying was performed in March 2012 at the Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment’s facilities in Pennsylvania, U.S.
MULTIPLE LAB AND BENCH TESTS • Hazen Research, Columbia Analytical Labs, and Republic Environmental Systems have each performed multiple lab and bench scale tests on the solids/biosolids “fuel” that confirm the suitability of its energy content and combustibility for the Gate 5 System.
ENERGY CALCULATIONS • Design Certificate from Dr. Ashok Rao from UCI’s Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP), who performed rigorous heat balance and energy balance analyses through the summer of 2012 that have led to additional innovation and system refinements to produce a design that will recover and use more than 93 percent of the energy that enters the process and produce renewable power at as much as a 40 percent efficiency.
BURNER - DESIGN CERTIFICATE • Burner Design Certification from Jeff Welton, President of Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS). In an October 26, 2012, letter, Jeff Welton certified that the company can provide a duel fuel burner system capable of running on powdered biofuel produced by the Gate 5 System dryer.
ENGINEERING AND DESIGN CERTIFICATE • Engineering and Design Certification from Sam Abi-Samra, Vice President of HDR. In a November 6, 2012, letter, Sam Abi-Samra certified the engineering and design for the Gate 5 System as capable of transforming biosolids to energy.
CERTIFIED MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION • Certified Mitigated Negative Declaration dated December 14, 2013, for the construction of the initial Gate 5 System (Lead Agency: Santa Margarita Water District in Orange County, CA) confirms that the Gate 5 System, it's air quality and health- risks issues are within acceptable limits for the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California (California State Clearinghouse number is 2013071095).
Royal HaskoningDHV CONCLUSIONS FOR EUROPEAN UNION • In spring of 2017, principal engineers from Netherland-based Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) visited Gate 5 offices in Irvine, California and conducted a thorough evaluation of the Gate 5 System. The week-long visit of their two sludge specialists included review of designs, calculations & third-party reports and interviews with Gate 5 management & advisors. RHDHV concluded the G5S to be a viable process for efficient management and eliminating sewage sludge and that the G5S would be very useful throughout the European Union.